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February 2019:

It was a real pleasure to be working with the internationally famous TAI in Madrid on Teatro de Creacion and citizen-centred dramaturgy. Performances took place in 'El Retiro' in Madrid.

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March 2019:

I was delighted to return to Wroclaw, Poland to speak at 'Wro Talks' with Paul Hobson (Modern Art, Oxford) Julie Ward (MEP) and Ivor Davies on the theme of Brexit and the Arts.




May 2019:

Thanks to Marianna Assenova for the invitation to speak at this years Goat Milk Festival, Bulgaria, on 'Myths, Transition and the Periphery: Bulgaria 1989".  Delighted to speak alongside Mihail Gruev (Head of the Bulgarian State Archive and historian), Boyan Znepolsky (sociologist) and Prof. Evelina Kelbecheva (historian).